Digi-Lounge at Barratt Court, Skegness

Our Digi-Lounge at Barratt Court, Skegness is located within The Roundel café, giving it a true internet café vibe!

The Digi-Lounge is open to the public when the café is open and at other times for Barratt Court residents.


The Digi-Lounge currently has three computers and is supported by our Digi Champions, an enthusiastic group of local residents who are trained to help people get online and develop basic digital skills.

Gill Ridlington, a Local Board member who lives close by, is one of the volunteer Digi Champions.

“The Digi-Lounge is a fantastic idea,” she says. “Some people are frightened of computers. But having a bit of confidence to try it out and get online really can open up a whole world of opportunities for all ages – whether buying or selling on Ebay, talking to friends and family on Skype or just being able book medical appointments online.”

The Digi Champions are at Barratt Court each Friday morning, 10am to 1pm, to chat and help anyone dropping into the Digi-Lounge. They are planning a calendar of sessions and events to meet people’s needs, on topics such as how to trace your family tree (genealogy), send tweets on Twitter and be wiser on the web.

Whatever you’d like to do online, they are keen to help so please let them have your suggestions.

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