Cutting costs

From your telephone and energy bills to your everyday shopping, it's always worth comparing costs and looking for the best deals.

Reducing your energy bills

You can make sure you are getting the best deal for your gas and electric by comparing prices: there are a number of money comparison websites which you can use to compare prices and get the best deal for you. Or sometimes just talking to your current energy provider about your tariff(s) can save you money too.

As well as making sure you're on the best tariff, you can also save money by saving energy. The Energy Saving Trust has lots of suggestions to help you save energy and make your home more energy efficient. Its online Home Energy Check tool will provide you with a full report on your home's energy use and the savings you could make.

Alternatively, you can visit the Money Advice or Citizens Advice websites where you can find information and advice on energy bills.

Shopping around

Many supermarkets now offer "Basic" or "Everyday" ranges of items which can be substantially cheaper than branded produce - see the Money Advice Service's "Beat the brand" pages for more information

Mobile phones

A new mobile phone handset or contract could set you back hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year - so it's worth doing your research and checking your household budget to ensure that this is the right phone for you, and the right time to get it. Check how many minutes, texts and gigabytes of data you use per month and use this to inform your purchase, it could save you hundreds of pounds a year with no noticeable impact on your lifestyle. For more information see the Money Advice Service's page on "How to save money on your mobile phone"