Payment of Housing Benefit / How Housing Benefit is paid

Housing Benefit is normally paid every 2 weeks, in arrears, directly into a nominated bank account.  If you are unable to manage your rent and would prefer it to be paid direct to your landlord, you can request this from your local council. You can find out who your local council is using the website "find your local council" service.

When paid direct to a landlord, Housing Benefit is paid every 4 weeks in arrears.  You will need to discuss this option with your local Housing Benefit office because any decision on direct payment to the landlord is at their discretion.

Because Housing Benefit is normally paid on a 2-or-4-weekly basis, it means that it will not always be paid at the same time your rent is due.  You must manage your finances accordingly to make sure you pay your rent on time.  If you have any difficulty in managing your money and budgeting, you can visit our “other help available” or “Help with managing your money” pages for advice and information.

In some circumstances you can get your Housing Benefit paid at different times or in different ways but this is up to your local council and you will need to contact them directly to discuss this - if you aren't sure who your local council is you can find out on the website.