Rechargeable repairs

We do not generally carry out repairs that are your responsibility. We expect you to find a suitable tradesperson, arrange and pay for these repairs yourself.

Rechargeable repairs will apply if:

  • you miss an appointment with our repairs contractors without giving us advance notice
  • you leave your property in a poor condition and we have to carry out work you were responsible for, such as cleaning or removing belongings

Repairing damage to your property

We expect you to repair any damage you are responsible for, whether it was accidental or deliberate, to an agreed standard. If you don’t, we will charge you for the cost of any repairs we think are necessary.

If your property is damaged due to a crime, we will usually only make safe and repair any parts that you are responsible for if you have a crime number from the police.

We recommend that you arrange home contents insurance so you are covered if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen, or you lose your keys.

Carrying out repairs for you

We may occasionally carry out repair work that is your responsibility if, for example, there are safety concerns or you have exceptional needs. We will do this work as a rechargeable repair and send you an invoice for payment.

Your keys - your responsibility

Please keep them safe.  Why not get a spare set cut to leave with a trusted neighbour or friend?