When will your repair be done?

To ensure that the most urgent repairs can be dealt with as quickly as possible, we prioritise repairs into five categories.

We will tell you the expected response time for your repair when you report it to us.

We always try to take account of residents’ relevant personal circumstances when assessing how quickly we need to carry out a repair, our standard repair priorities are below:

  1. 1. Emergency repairs – within 24 hours
  2. These are repairs where a delay in fixing them is likely to cause a serious health or safety risk or any repair that needs immediate attention to prevent further harm to the property. We will make the problem safe and restore essential services, if possible, within 24 hours. We will carry out a permanent repair during normal working hours. Emergency repairs include:

    • dangerous electrical faults
    • total loss of power/lights
    • total heating and hot water failures (November - February)
    • major plumbing faults (e.g. where flooding occurs)
    • making homes secure (e.g. boarding up, temporary make safe to doors and windows)
    • blocked sewers or shared drains that are the Group’s responsibility
    • severe water or roof leaks where uncontrollable, causing damage to interior (weather dependent)
    • roof repairs
    We always aim to complete repairs within the following category timescales. However there may be occasions where this is beyond our control, such as waiting for parts to be delivered or where the repair is part of an insurance claim

    2. Urgent repairs - within 5 working days
    These are repairs which cannot wait for a routine priority appointment and may cause you significant inconvenience or loss of comfort. We aim to respond to the following urgent repairs within five working days:

  3. • total heating failure (March - October)
    • total hot water failures (March - October)
    • water leaks
    • constantly running overflows
    • total failure of door entry systems
    • communal light repairs (where there is potential risk)
    • partial heating failure
    • WC repairs (including no flush)
    • cooker or fridge repairs (only where supplied and maintained by us)
    • repairs to doors and windows, where security is at risk
    • badly leaking wash hand basin, bath or sink traps

    3. Routine repairs – within 21 working days
    These are day-to-day repairs, which do not cause serious inconvenience and can wait a short time before being dealt with. Routine repairs include:

    • minor or individual electrical faults
    • communal repairs e.g. lights, surfaces (unless potential risk)
    • communal TV systems (not individual households)
    • repairs to smoke alarms
    • re-glazing (where any necessary boarding up has been carried out)
    • replacing faulty external door locks
    • communal path repairs (where there is potential risk)

    4. Programmed works - within 90 days
    Certain non-urgent repairs may be grouped together in order that we can undertake them more economically in a programme of work. We will tell customers if a repair requested has been put into the minor programmed works category work together with an estimation of when the works will be completed.

    5. Planned Maintenance – within 365 days
    Planned work is larger scale repairs and replacements and will be scheduled in consultation with the contractor and the tenant(s). Planned works can include the following examples:

    • replacing misted double glazing units
    • replacement doors and windows
    • replacing fencing (other than that between your house and your immediate neighbours), paths and clothes drying posts
    • intermittent overflow
    • stiff or dripping taps and other minor plumbing defects (including poor flushing WC)
    minor joinery repairs

Customers are also responsible for carrying out certain repairs, a list of these can be found on the "What repairs are you responsible for?" page of this website

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