Software Tester

As a Software Tester you will work with staff and other tenants to ensure the digital services provided by Platform are both accessible and easy to use.

You will be expected to provide a customer focused view of what it takes to engage with tenants over multiple digital channels.

Key roles

You will be invited to take part in software testing projects. This could include surveys and reviews, as well as more in depth work such as usability testing sessions and focus groups often held in one of our offices

Required skills

  • Basic IT skills
  • Access to the internet via a computer, tablet or phone
  • Good level of numeracy and literacy
  • Positive and objective outlook

Training and support

You will work on an ad-hoc basis, assisting with projects as new software is introduced, if you require any extra equipment of software these will be provided. You don't need any formal training to be a software tester.

Level of commitment

You will be invited to take part in a range of different types of software testing, as and when required. Much of the work can be done from home and will take only a few minutes, other projects will be more involved and could require you to take part in a full day's testing session in one of our offices. You will get the choice of what testing you take part in to suit you.

If you would like to find out more about what it takes to be a Software Tester or would like to apply, please complete the form below.

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Get involved

Call your local community engagement officer:

  • Leicestershire and Rutland
    0121 788 7585
  • West Midlands
    0121 788 7789
  • Lincolnshire
    0121 788 7757 or 0121 788 7758
  • Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
    01858 414519