Home contents insurance

Home Insurance

The two main types of insurance available to cover the costs of damage to your home and personal items are contents insurance and buildings insurance.
Contents insurance will insure for any losses incurred to your personal items, including kitchen appliances and furnishings in your home. Depending on the level of cover that you chose it may also cover accidental damage or insure higher value items such as laptops and bicycles when used away from your home.
Building insurance will insure for damage to the fabric of a building (such as to external walls, roofing and internal wiring)

Who needs to arrange buildings insurance?

Platform will arrange buildings insurance if you rent a home from and in most circumstances if you lease a property from us (however this can differ between leases and we therefore suggest that you read your lease agreement to check this).

If you have purchased your home from us and own the freehold of your property you will be responsible for arranging adequate cover for buildings insurance.

Who needs to arrange contents insurance?

Platform does not insure the furniture, belongings or personal items within your home. Having contents insurance if a cost-effective way or reducing the cost of replacing or repairing your personal belongings in the event of theft, vandalism, frost, fire or flood (The level of cover provided is dependent upon the level of cover taken with your insurance provider).

We recommend that you insure;

  • All personal belongings kept within the home and, if applicable any outhouse/garage/shed
  • Your carpets/floorings, fittings, fixtures

In some policies it is possible to insure against accidental damage to your household items as well as cover for your personal effects when taken away from the home i.e. bikes, mobility scooters etc.
What to do next?

The Citizens Advice website provides further information and advice about what to consider when choosing contents insurance and the government Money Advice Service website contains useful information about insurance generally and what to look for in a policy.

Given that Platform Housing Group is not affiliated with any Home insurance provider we recommend that you check price comparison websites and contact multiple insurance providers to ensure that you obtain adequate protection for your personal belongings. Please remember that it is important to consider both the level of cover in addition to the insurance premium payable when deciding to take out insurance