Maintenance and improvements

We undertake a regular programme of maintenance and servicing to help ensure that your home is kept in good condition and to meet our legal requirements as landlords.

We will inform and involve you about any maintenance or servicing planned for your home. For example, when we replace your kitchen or bathroom, we will give you a choice of colours and designs. We will also check that you are satisfied with the work when it is completed.

Planned improvements

This is a controlled programme of work to address specific issues we have identified within our homes. It could include:

  • new kitchen
  • new bathroom
  • replacement windows
  • re-wiring
  • heating upgrades

Cyclical maintenance

This is work we undertake to maintain the general condition of our properties. It usually happens every seven years and includes:

  • external redecoration of your house or block of flats
  • internal decoration of communal areas e.g. stairwells and entrance halls

We do not paint the inside of your home.

Cyclical servicing

This is work that has to be carried out on an annual basis. It includes:

We will tell you in advance if we need to undertake any servicing work on your property. All work will be carried out by registered and approved engineers.

We take statutory safety inspections and testing very seriously and ensure that we meet all our legal obligations. It is a condition of your tenancy agreement that you allow us into your home for safety servicing. If you do not, we will take legal action to gain access.

You can view information about upcoming servicing appointments, and send/receive messages about these appointments, though Your Platform.