Gas servicing

If your home has a gas supply and appliances, we are required by law to check them each year to make sure they are safe. It is a condition of your tenancy that you allow us into your home to undertake these checks.

We also have to carry out safety checks on any oil or solid fuel appliances installed in your property, such as coal fires or wood burners. We will make appointments with you to allow specialist engineers to undertake these inspections on a regular basis.

Why gas servicing is essential

Gas safety checks ensure your safety and that of your neighbours. If gas appliances are unsafe then they produce carbon monoxide gas. You cannot see or smell it, but carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause brain damage and death.

Regular servicing can also help reduce the risks of breakdowns – and the loss of your heating or hot water supply. It ensures that you are using energy most efficiently and can reduce your energy bills.

What happens

Our gas checks are carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers and are free of charge.

When your annual service is due, we will write to you to make an appointment to carry out the check. You must make sure that either you or another adult can be at home at this time to let us into your property.

If you can’t keep the appointment, please let us know immediately so that we can rearrange it. You will be charged if you are not at home when we call for a booked gas servicing appointment.

The engineers will check your gas supply and any appliances installed by us. If anything is found to be unsafe, they will repair it or make it safe and arrange for a replacement.

Any gas appliances owned and installed by you will also be visually checked. If your appliances are found to be unsafe, they will be labelled and the gas supply disconnected. It is then your responsibility to have these appliances repaired or replaced by a Gas Safe engineer.

Once we confirm that everything is safe, we will send you a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate within 28 days. You should keep this certificate in a safe place.

Right of access

Platform Housing Group takes gas safety very seriously. If you do not allow us into your home to undertake a gas servicing check, we will take legal action against you.

We recently took a resident to court for repeatedly failed to allow us access. An 18 month injunction is now in place which means that they now face heavy fines or even imprisonment if they do not allow us access in the future.

Smell gas?

If you think you smell gas, have a gas leak or carbon monoxide fumes are escaping from a gas appliance, call the Gas Emergency helpline immediately on 0800 111 999.

Do not:

  • turn any electrical appliances on or off
  • use door bells
  • smoke, or use matches or a naked flame


  • open doors and windows
  • turn off any gas appliances
  • turn off the main gas supply