Giving notice on behalf of a tenant

If you need to end a tenancy because one of our residents has died or had to go into care, then there is a legal process we have to follow.

Please let us know as soon as possible by completing the form below or calling us on 0333 200 7304 so that we can start the process.

However, we can only accept notice if you are the next of kin or are legally acting on behalf of the tenant - for example if you are the executor of their will, have been appointed an administrator by the Probate Office or have power of attorney. You can find out more about this and what you need to do on the website.

We will ask you to provide confirmation that you have the legal right to end the tenancy. If there is no executor or administrator, we have to serve notice on the Public Trustee to end the tenancy.

What happens next?

Once we receive valid notice to end the tenancy, we will telephone you to confirm the details. We will also send you written confirmation of the tenancy end date by email or post. The notice period is determined by the type of tenancy agreement and is usually four weeks or one calendar month.

If you can, please reply to the email or letter within seven days of receiving it. If the tenant has died, we will also require a copy of the death certificate.

During the notice period, you should clear the property, including any loft spaces and gardens, and return the keys to us. (Please see Leaving your home for further information.)

Rent is due until the tenancy ends. If the tenant has died, any outstanding rent can be paid from the proceeds of the estate following the probate period. If they were receiving housing benefit, their claim will end immediately upon their death.

Right to succeed

If you are a surviving joint tenant or, in certain circumstances, a family member, you may be entitled to take over or 'succeed' to the tenancy. You can find information about succession in the tenancy agreement.

Giving notice

We will need to provide certain documents to the Next Of Kin, the quickest and easiest way to do this is by email

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Please see the Leaving your home section for information on how to return keys.

Platform Home Ownership residents

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