Moving home

If you are looking to move to a smaller or larger home, or to a different area, there are several ways to find a new home.

Mutual exchange

Most tenants find the quickest and easiest way to move to another rented property is through mutual exchange. This is where you swap homes with another tenant, who can be either a resident of Platform or another housing association or council.

It is up to you to find a resident who wants to exchange homes with you, to do this we recommend Homes Direct - this is a free online service which lists properties for rent, sale and exchange and is linked to the national home swap scheme.

Find out more about exchanging your home.

Choice-based letting schemes

If you are looking to move to another housing association or council home, you need to register with the choice-based letting scheme covering the area where you want to live. This will allow you to see and 'bid' for suitable homes as they become available.

Find out more about choice-based letting schemes

Buying a home through shared ownership

Shared ownership, or part-buy part-rent, helps people who cannot afford to buy to become homeowners. You start by buying a share of a property that you can afford and pay rent on the rest. If you want to, you can buy further shares later on and could eventually own your home outright.

Find out more about shared ownership.

Platform Home Ownership residents

If you are a shared owner, leaseholder or market rent tenant, please go to the Platform Home Ownership website

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