Right to acquire

If you are an assured tenant with us, you may be able to buy your rented home under the Right to acquire. The discount is a fixed amount set by the government.

Qualifying for the Right to acquire

You must have been a housing association, council, armed forces or other public housing tenant for a total of at least three years

Only some properties can be bought under the Right to acquire. Your home must have been:

  • built, bought or transferred to us from a local council after 1 April 1997
  • paid for through a social housing grant – we can tell you if it was


Some types of property don't qualify for the Right to acquire. You will not qualify if:

  • your home isn't self-contained
  • you live in an independent living scheme where services are provided
  • your home has been designed or adapted for people with special needs

You can’t use the Right to acquire if:

  • you’re being made bankrupt 
  • a court has ordered you to leave your home 
  • you have a Secure tenancy – you may be able to use Right to buy instead

We won’t consider your application if you are in rent arrears.

Joint applications

You can make a joint application with:

  • a joint tenant
  • up to three family members who’ve lived with you for the past 12 months (even if they are not joint tenants)


The amount of discount you’ll get depends on where you live in the UK. For the areas where we have properties, the discount ranges from between £9,000 and £13,500 off the market price of the property. Your discount might be reduced if you’ve used Right to acquire or Right to buy in the past.

Can you afford to buy your home?

  • you may need a mortgage
  • you will need to pay for all your legal and mortgage costs
  • you will be responsible for the cost of all repairs to the property
  • you will be responsible for any service charges for maintaining any communal/shared areas
  • you will be responsible for paying buildings insurance

Before applying to buy your home, we strongly recommend you look at property prices in your area and the mortgage amount you are likely to need.

How to apply

Download the Right to acquire information below. Complete the application and declaration forms and return them to us. 

From the date we receive your application, and while we are dealing with it, we will not carry out day-to-day repairs or maintenance to your property. We will still carry out emergency repairs to protect the health and safety of you and your home. 

The property’s valuation is fixed at the date we receive your application and takes account of the property’s condition, including any disrepair.

You can find more information about the steps involved in applying on the gov.uk website

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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