Your rights - starter tenancies

Your rights as a tenant are shown in your tenancy agreement. There are different rules relating to your rights, depending upon the type of tenancy you have. Please be sure to look at your specific tenancy agreement.

The rights below relate to tenants with starter and probationary tenancies, and are slightly different to those with full tenancies. Some exceptions may apply, so please contact us if you have any queries.

Right to stay in your home

You have the right to enjoy your home in peace and quiet and to live there for as long as stated in your tenancy agreement, provided that you live in the property as your main home and do not break the terms of your tenancy.

If we give you reasonable notice, you must allow our staff and contractors into your home to carry out repairs and safety checks such as gas servicing.

Right to succession

Members of your family may have the right to take over, or succeed to, your tenancy when you die. By law, there can only be one succession to a tenancy, so this will not apply if you succeeded to your tenancy.

The following people may be able to take over your tenancy:

  • any joint tenants, as long as they are living in the property as their main home at the time you die
  • your husband, wife or partner, as long as they are living in the property as their main home at the time you die
  • any member of your family, as long as they have been living in the property as their main home for at least the previous 12 months at the time you die

If more than one person is eligible and they cannot agree who will take over the tenancy, we will make the final decision.

We may try to help the new tenant find a more suitable home if, for example:

  • your home has been specially built or adapted for a disabled person and these features are no longer required
  • they are under-occupying the home and have more than one spare bedroom

Right to take in lodgers

A lodger is someone who lives in your home as though they are part of your family and pays you rent. We may allow you to take in a lodger but you must get our written permission first. Please see Taking in a lodger for more information.

As our tenant, you are responsible for the behaviour of anyone you invite into your home. Your tenancy may be at risk if they cause a nuisance.

Right to repair

The right to repair scheme gives you the right to have certain repairs completed within set timescales. This scheme is set by law, not by us.

We will tell you whether your repair qualifies under this scheme and, if so, how long we have to get the repair done. If we do not carry out the repair within these time limits, you can ask us to get another contractor to do it instead.

Right to be consulted

Before we make changes to how we manage or maintain our housing, we will consult you on any decisions that have a major effect on your home or tenancy. We will give you a minimum of four weeks notice of any changes so you have a chance to tell us your views.

Right to keep a pet

Permission is not required to keep:

  • small caged birds
  • small rodents such as mice, guinea pigs or hamsters
  • fish in a small aquarium

Please check with us if you want to keep any other pets.

If you live in a house or bungalow with a private garden, we will usually give you permission to keep cats and dogs. We do not allow cats or dogs in flats, independent living schemes or properties without a private garden. If you have a particular need to keep an animal, such as a guide dog or hearing dog, please discuss this with us.

We expect you to look after your pet responsibly, so it does not cause a nuisance to your neighbours, and to clear any fouling. Dogs must wear an identity collar and be kept on a lead in any communal areas.

We reserve the right to withdraw our consent for you to keep any pet considered unsuitable and may ask you to remove the animal from the property.

Right to run a business from your home

You must get written permission from us before you start running a business from your home.

We will usually allow you to run a business providing that:

  • you continue to live in your home
  • you have all the other permissions you need, such as planning, social services or building control permissions
  • your business does not, at any time, cause a nuisance to local residents
  • you do not damage your home, or make changes to it without our permission
  • you do not put up any signs or adverts on the building to advertise the business.

We may withdraw our permission if you do not follow these rules.

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