Sole and joint tenancies

Your tenancy may be a sole tenancy, in your name only, or a joint tenancy given to two or more people.

We usually give a joint tenancy to couples, including couples of the same gender.

Joint tenants have equal rights and responsibilities, such as responsibility for paying the rent. If one tenant breaks a tenancy condition, the other tenant can be held responsible.

Adding someone to a tenancy

If you want to add someone else to your tenancy, you should contact us.

The new joint tenant(s) must have been living with you at the property for 12 months and you must be up to date with your rent. We will ask you and the new joint tenant(s) to sign a new tenancy agreement.

Removing someone from a tenancy

If one joint tenant dies, the tenancy will be passed on to the other joint tenant.

If your relationship breaks down, a joint tenant can only be removed from your tenancy if:

  • we and all tenants named on your tenancy agree to the change
  • a court orders the change

It is important to let us know if a joint tenant leaves your property because:

  • they are still responsible for all the tenancy conditions while their name is on the tenancy agreement
  • they could end your tenancy by giving us one month’s notice in writing.
  • if they end the tenancy, you will have no right to live in the property

Please contact us if you wish to make changes to your tenancy.

Platform Home Ownership residents

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