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Our low cost home ownership arm, Platform Home Ownership, offers high quality new homes for sale through shared ownership (also know as part-buy part-rent).

Shared ownership provides an easy, affordable and safe way to buy your own home.

You start by buying a share of your home that you can afford, which can be as low as 25% of the full property value. Platform Home Ownership owns the remaining share, on which you pay them rent. Generally the total amount you pay in rent and mortgage payments is less than if you were to purchase a similar home outright or rent it privately.

If you want, and if you can afford it, you can usually buy further shares in your home – or ‘staircase’ – at a later date. So over time you could ultimately own your home outright, without having to save up a massive lump sum. And the more of the property you own, the less rent you pay to Waterloo Homes.

Shared ownership has helped thousands of people step onto the property ladder. For further information or to search for homes in your area, see the Platform Home Ownership website.