Homes to rent

Platform Housing Group (East) provides and manages high-quality rented homes across the Midlands and Lincolnshire.

We let most of these homes through choice-based lettings (CBL) schemes. These are websites where you can find and apply (or 'bid') for any council and housing association properties available to rent in a specific area.

To apply for a home, you need to register with the CBL scheme(s) covering the area where you want to live. We do not keep a housing register or waiting list ourselves, so we cannot send out application forms or register people who contact us looking for a home.

Follow the links below to find out what schemes cover your area:

Immediately available properties

If we are unable to find tenants for vacant homes through the usual CBL schemes, we may be able to offer them direct to unregistered applicants. We publish a list of these homes on our website every week.

See our latest list of immediately available homes to rent

New homes

We aim to build around 1,000 new affordable homes every year.

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Immediately available homes

We have a few homes which we can let to you directly

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