What residents think of their new build homes

We build many new affordable homes each year across the Midlands and Lincolnshire. Our new homes are built to high standards of design and energy efficiency.

We carefully check the quality of completed properties before residents move in. But what do residents think of their new home once they’ve settled in and lived there a while? Our new build homes survey aims to find out.

We send the survey to tenants and shared owners around 9-12 months after they have moved into one of our new build properties. Our latest survey showed that a very pleasing 88% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with their new home.

As well as asking residents to rate their satisfaction, throughout the survey we ask for their comments to help us thoroughly understand what they think about our new properties and how we can further improve them.

We ask questions about the external appearance of the home, the internal space and individual rooms, the heating systems (both effectiveness and cost), defects reported and the response of the builder in correcting them.

We also asked residents what the best thing is about their new home and what they would change.

We have reported the feedback to our Governing Board and all three Local Boards. The survey gives us more detailed information too, such as about individual schemes and results by tenure type. This information is used by our Operations and Development Teams to guide us in developing future new homes that people continue to be proud to live in.

We ask for feedback every year and will send out surveys to more people who have moved into our new build properties in due course.

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