The Voluntary Right To Buy Pilot is coming to the Midlands - and we're part of it!

03 August 2018

The Government has decided to launch a pilot of the Voluntary Right to Buy in the Midlands.

You may have heard about the initial pilot involving five housing associations that took place in 2016. This new pilot in the Midlands will test out other aspects of the scheme. This means that some housing association tenants living in general needs properties in the Midlands may be able to buy their home from their housing provider.

We will be taking part in this new pilot which is likely to begin in Summer 2018 – although there is no confirmed date yet for when this will start. There is also no confirmation of when the VRTB will be rolled out on a national basis. Keep checking the Government’s Right to Buy website ( for updates.

Whilst we will be able to decide certain aspects of our policy and procedure, a number of the rules for the pilot will be set by the Government – including the decision on who is eligible to purchase their home and from what areas.

A page has been created on this website which will be updated regularly to provide further details about the pilot.

Please find below some frequently asked questions about the pilot:

  1. Will my area be included in the new pilot?
  2. Will I be eligible for the new pilot?
  3. I currently have a shared ownership property, will I be able to purchase my home under the new pilot?
  4. How much discount will I get on my property if I take part?
  5. What happens when I have bought my property?
  6. I am interested, how can I apply?
  7. Where can I get further information?