Trialling a new way of getting your feedback

05 January 2018

Waterloo Housing Group relies on feedback from our customers to help ensure that we are delivering the services you want in a way which meets your needs.

Starting in January 2018, we will be working with an independent company called Voicescape to trial a new way of getting your feedback using a method called “real time survey”. The trial will last three months and will specifically look at getting your feedback about parts of our repairs service.

What is a real time survey?

A real time survey aims to gather feedback as close as possible to a specific event taking place. For us, this will mean that we will be able to get your feedback as close as we can after you have had a repair job carried out at your property. We will aim to contact you within two working days of your job being noted as complete on our system. This will allow you to give us feedback whilst the experience of the service is still fresh in your mind.

How will the surveys be carried out?

Voicescape will contact tenants who have had a repair completed by us. They will attempt to contact you two times by phone. Once you answer the phone, you will hear an automated voice that will ask you whether you were satisfied with the service that you received. If they are not successful ​at ​making contact with you, and your service provider permits, a voicemail will be left. If we cannot leave a voicemail message, we will send you a text message to gather your feedback.

Who will receive a survey in the trial?

As this is only a trial at this stage, we will only be seeking feedback from a sample of customers that receive a repair between January and March 2018.

Who is carrying out the survey?

As mentioned above, the survey will be carried out by a third party company called Voicescape. Voicescape will mention Waterloo Housing Group so you will know the contact is associated with us.

Will my answers be anonymous?

Only a small group of officers will have access to be able to link answers to individuals in order to carry out a more detailed analysis of the results. However, an individual would never be identified if results are shared publicly.

All information will be kept safe and secure, and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act​ 1998​. Voicescape will not keep or use the data after the trial is complete.

What happens with the survey results?

Once the survey is complete, we will look at the results in detail to identify the areas where we are performing well and those which have room for improvement. Where we receive negative feedback, a member of our Asset Management team will contact you within two working days to follow your responses up.

Our senior management team and staff will discuss the results and decide upon any action we may need to take as a result. We will feedback details of the results and any resulting action through the website. We will also let you know whether the trial results in a more permanent arrangement.

If you have any questions regarding the trial, or if you want ​your household ​to opt out of this survey, please email