Voluntary Right to Buy Regional Midlands Pilot launched today

16 August 2018

The Government's Voluntary Right to Buy Midlands pilot is now live - and we're part of it

You may have heard about the initial pilot involving five housing associations that took place in 2016.  The new pilot in the Midlands is testing out other aspects of the scheme.  This means that some assured tenants of housing associations living in general needs properties in the Midlands may be able to buy their home from their housing provider.  The pilot is operated on a voluntary basis by housing associations and underpinned by a national agreement between the National Housing Federation and Government.

We are taking part in this new pilot. There is no confirmation yet of when the VRTB will be rolled out on a national basis so keep checking the Government’s Right to Buy website for updates if you are interested.

If you would like to apply, please be aware that the Government's gateway for registering your interest will only be open from 16 August to 16 September inclusive. For more information on apply for the pilot please see our FAQ "I am interested, how can I apply?"

We've created a page on this website to help answer this and some of the other questions you may have . You can read through this page in full or jump to one of our Frequently Asked Questions using the links below:

  1. Will my area be included in the new pilot?

  2. Will I be eligible for the new pilot?

  3. How do I know if my property can be purchased under the VRTB pilot?

  4. What happens if I am eligible, but my property is excluded from the VRTB pilot?

  5. I currently have a shared ownership property, will I be able to purchase my home under the new pilot?

  6. How much discount will I get on my property if I take part?

  7. What happens when I have bought my property?

  8. What happens if I sell my property after I have purchased it?

  9. What happens if I sub-let my property after I have purchased it?

  10. I am interested, how can I register to take part?

  11. I was unsuccessful in the ballot. Can I appeal?

  12. Can I appeal your decision not to sell me my own home?

  13. What happens if I miss the window for entering the ballot for URNs. Is there anything I can do?

  14. Why are the Government picking people by ballot?

  15. Where can I get further information?