Product Safety Notice – Triton Safeguard+ Shower

30 January 2019

Triton Showers have announced a product safety notice for their Safeguard+ showers

As per their website, only certain units are affected - these units "start with the product code CSGP0 and have a date code stamp between 05/14 (May 2014) to 12/16 (December 2016). This date code is on the product rating label located on the underside of the product". In the unlikely event that a shower is faulty Triton has issued the following information:

  • Any heat build up occurs gradually and is noticeable with a distinct overheating smell.
  • You should check the casing top to see if there are any signs of discolouration. If there is none, then you can continue to use the shower.
  • Please continue to ensure that any vulnerable people are not left showering alone and that user instructions continue to be followed.

If you have a Triton Shower fitted, please check the Safeguard+ safety information on their website as soon as possible using this link

Their website page includes information on how to identify whether your shower may be affected, and what you can do if you believe your shower is faulty.

If you believe you have an affected Safeguard+ shower please contact Triton's Service Team on free phone 0800 0154 145. They will then - if there is a fault - arrange with your directly to rectify the fault free of charge.